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WELCOME TO THE SHIVA SHAKTI CEMENT PRODUCTS. After spending many years in the industry, market and construction joint ventures, it is our privillege oppertunity that we are serving in all over the nation with rich and solid variety of materials.
      We are now proudly able to say that we are the leading supplier of readymade compound wall,chambercover,rcc products,rcc folding readymade compound walls,readymade concrete boundary wallcompound, Kerb Stones, manufacturing wall, compound wall, rcc redymade precast wall, industrail wall, rcc folding wall and many others.
      Our products are enriched with rich variety of cement, steel and new era's technomass are indulged to provide the best and quality products. Our assurance for the quality is 'pure' as like as our parent's love. As it signifies that no mixing is there, nor either in our parent's love, simillarly neither in the shiva shakti cement products. The glimpse of our products are avilable in all shape and size, also the clients or the prospects are facilated with the sophastication of their demands. Now speaking of our team, we all know that'unity is strength'. So for an industry it is very important to have the strength of manpower, the strength of a team, in our company we believe in 'equality' no senior no junior. We didn't beleive in ruling over one other , we belive in walking together having hands in hands. All our workers, teams are having their freedom to utlise their mind and energy in the way they want to, the only liability is of production and best result.
We as a team work together to provide our prospect the best design and best deal. We only ask our prospects to have faith in us, and it's our duty to provide the best deal in the defined time.

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Mr. Triloki Thakur is the director of Shiva Shakti Cement Products. He guides the people, the team who are indulged with the functinality of the company to achieve the target in the well equipped time and in sophasticated manner. His experience has provided the relevant path that has build, a reputed name in the industry.