Chamber/Manhole Cover

Reinforced cement concrete have their utilisation in many fields. These cement are used to manufacture chamber covers (Manhole . Mostly two types of chamber cover have their demand on high in now a days.i.e. first is earth chamber cover and second is frame chamber cover. Other chambers are cemented pipe chambers, rcc manual chamber, precast concrete manholes and many more.

chamber cover


Frame Chamber Cover

Frame chamber cover are avilable in many shape, sizes and frames. Chamber covers are designed with hot dip galvanised lifting hooks. They are also provided with holes for storm water drainage. Higher grade of concrete are used in making these covers, Grades are above M-30. The mild steel hooks used in these chamber cover are dip galvanised so that they can be protected from rusting. These rcc frame are not designed to take on tensile loads. However these are comfortable with some compressive loads. So the frame chamber cover should always be supported by the structure i.e. chamber wall or slab, if the support is not there then the frame may fall.

chamber cover with frame


Earth Chamber Cover

We are the prominent manufacturers, exporters and supplier of earthing chamber covers. We are known in the market for its quality that these are designed technically and physically to bear tough weather conditions. With the help of fine quality of raw materials and rcc cement. These are highly durable and have the resistivity fron rusting and prevents corrosion. Earth chamber cover are consist of high grade heavy duty polypropylene.

earth chamber cover