Precast Wall

Precast wall compound is a construction product produced by casting concrete in a reusable moid, which is then curved into a controlled environment, transported to the constrution site and lifted into place. Precast stone is distinguished from precast concrete by using a fine aggregate in mixture. So the final product appear as a natural ocuring stone or rock. The production processfor precast wall is performed on the ground level, which lap safety through project.

precast wall


RCC Precast Boundary Wall

RCC precast boundary wall compound are cast and partly matured in a factory or on the site before being lifted into their final structure. Concrete are the materials to which the precast panel are lifted into the vertical position and then attached to a structural frame. These material has reduces the need for onsite formwork with a process known as tiltup, and are now known as RCC precast boundary wall.

rcc precast wall


Precast Wall Compound

Wall compounds are used for safeguading purpose, and precast wall compound is a best construction product used for safeguarding. These walls are having an ease of installation. Precast wall are manufactured by casting concrete in a reusable form, these walls are known for their quality and strength.

readymade wall compound


RCC Readymade Concrete Precast Wall

Today RCC products are carrying a great high in construction market. The reason behind this high is, RCC products are reliable, has long durability and quality strength. So they have find their wider application in watersewage pipes, drainage. Goverment are using rcc precast wall in the railways department. In rcc precast wall the concrete material which is cast and partly matured in a factory or on site reduces the need for on site formwork. Thus the whole rcc precast wall is curved onto the paved concrete panel to provide the structural frame.

readymade concrete precast wall


Concrete Folding Precast Wall

Folding precast wall are manufactured ,when standard concrete is poured into site specific form and cured on site. After being precasted in a controlled environment, the folding concrete wall sample afforded the oppertunity to properly cure and monitored by plant employees. Precast folding wall is having its most demand in USA. There are many types of precast wall forming system differing in size quality and cost.

concrete precast wall


Concrete Folding Readymade Precast Wall

Concrete folding readymade precast wall are fully rcc walls having their exterior panel. These exterior panel may be load bearing and non load bearing. Folds are developed due to the thickness of rcc products. Some folded rcc products are folded plates, water tanks, rc hinges, concrete pipes, machine foundation and shear walls.

concrete folding wall compound