RCC Products

RCC product are simply the reinforced cement product. Reinforced concrete (RCC) is a composite material in which concrete's relatively low tensile strength and ductility are counteracted by the inclusion of reinforcement having higher tensile strength and/or ductility.
The reinforcement is usually, though not necessarily, steel reinforcing bars (rebar) and is usually embedded passively in the concrete before the concrete sets. Reinforcing schemes are generally designed to resist tensile stresses in particular regions of the concrete that might cause unacceptable cracking and/or structural failure. Modern reinforced concrete can contain varied reinforcing materials made of steel, polymers or alternate composite material in conjunction with rebar or not. Reinforced concrete may also be permanently stressed (in compression), so as to improve the behaviour of the final structure under working loads.

Grass Paver

We are indulged in offering the best quality grass paver. These grass paver are designed to fulfil the shortage of luminous green areas in urban lifestyle. Our quality team is stictly responsible for providing a fair deal with best quality product at a quantitive range.

shivshakti cement products grass paver


RCC Half Round Pipe

We offering Half Round Pipes are made from superior grade concrete with welded reinforcement to withstand the self load.

rcc half rounded pipe

These pipes are used for the following Purpose:

RCC Bench

Our company provides the superior quality rcc benches to our clients at compettitive prices. These are maufactured using best quality raw materials and advanced technology. Our quality team is continuosly checking the range on various quality parameters. We also provides a made to order to our clients at their special requests.

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Park Benches

We are offering a wide and innovative variety of rcc park benches. These products are ideally utilized for gardens and farm houses, school, hospital etc. The offered range is designed using latest technologies with the highest quality norms and standards.

rcc park benches



We are the leading supplier of rcc pot in the industrail market. These are widely used in gardens, as well as in roads and dividers for parting the trees. We offer these in different designs and sizes as per the requirements of our clients. These are produced using fine quality raw material which we procured from the reliable and trusted vendors of the market.

rcc pot readymade


RCC Divider

We are among the pioneer in the business effectively occupied with assembling and supplying a quality-guaranteed scope of Road Divider. These are to a great extent used for impermanent movement control and are suitable in all climate conditions.

rcc divider


Prestressed concrete wall

In the construction of wall various types of soil bricks concrete are used, but to build a wall is a tough task all soil bricks concrete blo.cks are casted and many more functions are specified for that. But it will take a long time for processing, thus precasted walls are developed escaping the wastage of raw material and time consumption. Precasted walls have made the life easy that for security reasons these wall are strong as well as durable, and it takes less amount of time to get manufactured.

prestressed concrete wall


Fencing Pole

Fencing poles/ are nothing but the cement poles which may be PCC OR RCC cement poles. Fencing poles offered by us is the right choice for fencing of agricultural land or land under possesion. Fencing poles are manufctured in number of varities sizes and widths. The estimated age of fencing poles is not less than 50 years, therefore they are highly demanded in market. And these poles are cost effective and can be supplied in the market in bulk at affordable range.

fencing poles

Manufacturing Parameters

Standard Sizes Avilable

RCC Pipes

We are the manufacturer and supplier manufacturer/supplier of various classes of Hume Pipes for use in infrastructure projects for water supply systems, sewerage systems, pipe culverts and manifold related requirements for various public and private sector needs. Water Supply RCC Pipes, Casting RCC Hume Pipes, RCC Hume Pipes, RMT RCC Hume Pipes, Supply RCC Hume Pipes, Half Round RCC Pipes etc are all manufactured by us, processed through stringent quality controls at our central manufacturing plant. We have been fabricating these structural implements chiefly for use in its infrastructure projects but is under active contemplation of producing them on a massive commercial scale.
Made with the best composition of Reinforced Cement Concrete built around an armature of excellent metallic strength, our Hume pipes are designed to withstand the roughages of all kinds of use across a myriad range of utilities such as transfer of high pressure water, sewage, chemicals, oil etc.,

rcc pipes


RCC Septic/Water Tanks

RCC Septic Tanks are made of high-quality rich concrete to assure you a maintenance-free, trouble-free functioning. And these are made to last many years and to withstand all kinds of load and vibrations. Septic Tanks are not made with conventional moulding methods. The tank is moulded by using centrifugal force in a specially designed machine.
This causes every concrete particle to pack well without any holes or air pockets and gives the tank a compact and smooth leak proof surface. The unique features of the septic tank are that it is provided with manholes with handles. There is also a drain valve which will be helpful for any maintenance needs.

rcc water tanks

Interlocking Paver

An interlocking concrete paver is a type of paver. This special type of paver, also known as a segmental paver, has emerged over the last couple of decades in the United States as a very popular alternative to brick, clay or concrete. Segmental pavers have been used for thousands of years. The Romans built roads with them that are still there. But it was not until the mid-1940s that pavers began to be produced out of concrete.
It started in the Netherlands where all the roads are made to be flexible because the country is below sea level and the ground shifts, moves and sinks. Poured concrete is not an option because it will crack. Individual units not set in concrete placed in sand perform far better than concrete. Before the paver was made from concrete either real stone or a clay product had to be employed. The first concrete pavers were shaped just like a brick, 4” by 8” (10 cm x 20 cm) and they were called Holl and Stones and still are today. These units turned out to be far more economical to produce and were exceedingly strong.

interlocking paver

Kerb Stones

A curb (US English), or kerb (British English), is the edge where a raised pavement or sidewalk, road median/central reservation, or road shoulder/hard shoulder meets an unraised street or other roadway. Curbs may fulfill any or several of a number of functions. They separate the road from the roadside, and discourage drivers from parking or driving on sidewalks and lawns. They also provide structural support to the pavement edge. Curbs can be used to channel runoff water from rain or melted snow and ice into storm drains.
There is also an aesthetic aspect, in that curbs look formal and "finished". Since curbs add to the cost of a road, they are generally limited to urban and suburban areas, and are rarely found in rural areas except where certain drainage conditions (such as mountains or culverts) make them necessary. Curbs are not universally used, however, even in urban settings. We are the leading supplier of kerb stones in the market at an cost effective strategy.

kerb stone


Concrete Cobble Payers allows your creative side to kick in with natural or antiqued look payers to set apart your Verandah, Driveway porch. The high strength of RCC pavements eliminates common and costly problems traditionally associated with asphalt pavements.

rcc cobbles shiv shakti

RCC pavements Cobble Features